Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who Rules, Emotions or You?

Raising kids is fierce work!

I get so mad at my son I want to wring his neck.

Brenda, I find myself reacting rather than disciplining.

Raising kids is a challenging 24/7 job with no reviews or raises. But, it's one we won't be laid off from either, right? The above statements are ones I hear frequently in my speaking and writing to parent audiences.

When my kids were young and emotions ran high, there were times I responded from my exhasterated heart rather than from my head. Honestly, it felt like a pressure valve release when I raised my voice. But later, my head told me that wasn't the type discipline I wanted to show my kids.

In your daily discipline, try to take a step back and chill for a second when exhausted or annoyed. Then approach your child's difficult behavior and calmly correct it. Not only will you confront and correct the inappropriate behavior you will model inner-control when under pressure. Don't let emotions rule you.

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