Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got a College Kid?

My pal Beverly who writes and blogs about organization motivated me today. She has a terrific blog post about helping a college student in your life by making up a Finals Survival Kit. I thought I'd tag onto Beverly's post with some ideas we've done when our daughters were in college. 

Regardless of their age or gender, young adults love hearing from Mom and Dad. They may be independent (that's your job; to work yourself out of a job) but they still need the relationship with you! Sending your college student a "survival" kit, bag, or basket shows you value education and want to support their success. In the past we made up Survival Kits including:
*Gift Cards to their fave off-campus haunts or coffee shops
*Encouraging notes or family pictures
*Supplies like mini-stapler or gift certificate to the campus bookstore
*Something silly like a comic or goofy little toy
*Healthy snacks like nuts, beef jerky, protein bars, a jar of olives

*Sugar-free hot chocolate, EmergenC, fruit juices
Some years I'd include my daughters' roommates as it built a camaraderie between the girls. Don't worry about the size or content; it's really just a touch from home that matters.

Got a terrific tip for a finals survival kit? Feel free to leave it below so other readers can share in supporting their kids' college success. Hurry, as an adjunct university professor, I can tell you finals are already being scheduled and will be here before we know it.

No time to collect a bag or basket? You can order your student a Gift Basket now.

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