Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summertime Discipline Tips

We're getting into summer fun and vacation time. I see all kinds of weird and wild behavior from kids . . . and their parents.

Some weirdness is due to excitement. "It also means changes in routine, strange hours, confined spaces and unfamiliar faces which can add up to discipline issues for your kids," says Marijo Tinlin. "They’re tired, in a strange place, strapped in to the seat of a car or airplane and they just may act out because of that."

Last summer, Marijo asked me to share some tips for parents in an article she was writing. She included my tips in her Top Discipline Tips for Summer Vacation. My advice? Here's one tip:

For annoying - not destructive - behaviors sometimes “passive timeout” works great. This technique means you simply ignore the goofy behavior; turn away and remove your child’s "audience." When her behavior improves, you turn back and reward her with a smile.

Your child craves your attention. When you remove attention, you send a message that undesirable behavior will not be rewarded. You extinguish the behavior by ignoring it.

Remember wise parents know what to overlook rather than oversee.

To get my discipline tips while at restaurants and relatives' homes, read Marijo Tinlin's article.

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