Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Successful Parent Tip

Imagine hearing this thought of a child, "I get embarrassed when you scream at me in public."

My friend, Deb, grieved as she told me about her granddaughter. In public, this youngster was reprimanded aloud frequently with harsh words and tone of voice. Deb noticed that her granddaughter would then "shut down" and sit in a corner or retreat to her bedroom only later to be called a "pouter." Deb wisely observed that her granddaughter wasn't pouting, rather she was embarrassed and humiliated.

In discipline, it's important to remember that beginning around the age of three children are acutely aware of other people. They are sensitive to what people think of them, the group norms, and how others receive them. They are sensitive to ridicule. And we can wound the spirit of a child when we sharply yell, bark orders, correct, or reprimand them in front of their peers or other adults.

To be effective in daily discipline, take time to privately correct your child with dignity, just as you would want from your supervisor at work. Children do need guidance, but they'll learn best when they feel respected.

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