Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creative Correction?

Have you ever heard or said, "I spank and spank and he still won't mind!" or "I constantly take away privileges and it makes no difference in how he behaves."

My ears cringe when I hear this because I want to know, "Then why are you doing it?" To me, it's like driving to work on the same road every day only to find a brick wall but, ramming your car into the wall hoping to make the road passable. Dah! The smart driver finds a new route.

C'mon, you're smart! (Space here prohibits my thoughts on spanking, there's a chapter on it in The Birth to Five Book.) Let me remind you to be creative in correcting misbehavior rather than ramming your efforts into the wall of ineffective repetition. To confront and correct any child's inappropriate behavior, try using consequences, time-out, verbal reprimands, distraction, modifying the environment, incentives, or time-in. If you need explanation of each of these effective discipline techniques, it's on my Creative Discipline CD available for order at my host page at The Parent's Plate radio show.
Kids need and want boundaries; makes 'em feel loved. But, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity - not discipline.

This week, how can you be the smart one who is creative in your correction?

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