Monday, January 23, 2012

Sex Trafficking

Children as young as 12-14 years are recruited by pimps to become prostitutes. They are targeted through telephone chat-lines, on the street, at the mall, online, and even by friends at school and after-school activities. This horrid modern-day slavery goes on throughout the world but, also in the United States. All 50 states report human trafficking crimes.

How do you learn or teach your child about, and save your child from becoming a victim of sex traffic? Listen to the Tuesday, January 24th episode of The Parent's Plate radio show! I will interview Kathi Macias, author of Deliver Me from Evil, who exposes this plight and admits this was the hardest book she'd ever written.

Kathi will reveal how prevalent human trafficking is in the United States, share why so few attempt escape, and some guidelines parents must know to protect their child from getting caught up in this deadly trap. Educate yourself and save your child; make a note to listen to this powerful episode of The Parent's Plate Tuesday morning, 10 am (EST). If you must miss the live show, come back later at your convenience and listen to it on podcast.


Michele Howe said...

What a timely and important (lifesaving) topic, Brenda! In fact, I just posted about this same issue on my site...thanks for sharing this.

Parenting Expert Brenda Nixon said...

Good to hear from you Michele. Yes, this is a NOW topic that cannot be ignored by parents who can educate and influence their children in a way that may prevent them from becoming sexual slaves. I hope you listened to the show's podcast at