Friday, February 1, 2013

Better Health, Better Parenting

When I was exhausted, I had less tolerance for my kids' behavior, demands, and loud voices. They were the targets of my sleep deprivation. When I was starved, I'd grab the first food and cram it into my mouth without regard to nutrition - then sometimes I felt the resultant irritability or sluggishness. When I was depressed, I didn't have the emotional stamina to keep up with their energy or properly correct their behavior.

The demands of parenting can drain anyone. The heavy demands on today's parents can crush any spirit. Even the best intentions are skewed when we're in poor health.

In her new book, One Size Fits All: Making Healthy Choices, Stepping into a meaningful Life, author Michele Howe says, "Lately, my sleep cannot be even remotely described as sweet slumber with sugar plums and fairies being the last thing dancing through my mind. In fact, one of the farthest thoughts in my mind when my head hits the pillow at night is to sleep. Instead, I think and think and think." Can you relate? Are you sleep deprived because of myriad responsibilities? As a result, are you less tolerant with your kids? Fortunately, Howe gives a tip to help too-tired-to-sleep minds relax into slumber.

"Each one of my children has taught me important lessons about life and love and faith," writes Howe. But when parents aren't in their best health; rest, nutrition, and wellness, then they cannot be learners of these lessons.

I encourage you to get rest - sleep when your kids nap or when they're at school - feed your body wholesome foods, and give attention to your health. Then you'll be a more attentive, compassionate, and skillful mom. Kids learn from your example to take care of their health. "The only thing contagious is your attitude," writes Howe.

Yep, be a better parent by being in better health.

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Brenda K. said...

I'd love to win this book! (I posted a link on Facebook to this blog post.) Thanks for the opportunity!