Sunday, March 1, 2015

Helping Children Find Easter

As we approach Easter, I asked author pal, Linda W. Rooks, who just released her newest title, The Bunny Side of Easter, to pen a guest post. Linda uses her life-long love of children’s books to tell a winsome, "hare-raising" adventure explaining the true meaning of Easter - on a child's level. Here's what she says . . .

   The beauty of the Easter story is unsurpassed for us Christians but, as parents - or grandparents - we struggle with how to explain the deep truth of Easter to children. We want them to know that Easter is about Jesus, and to help them understand its spiritual significance.

But how do we skillfully do that?

Christmas—our other Christian holiday—is easy.  It’s the time Jesus was born. Children get that. A birth. But Easter? 

How do we explain a death . . . on a cross . . . and subsequent resurrection so children appreciate their gift of salvation? 

While they look forward to the Easter bunny, egg hunts, and candy, parents scratch their heads on how to focus attention on Jesus instead of the capers of the Easter bunny and the goodies he brings. It's critical to explain it at an age-level appropriate for their limited comprehension. 

Don't brush aside the Easter bunny, rather use him to point little ones to Jesus! 

Impossible? A conflict of interest? Sacrilegious? 

Children love stories. They connect with the characters, fear for them in dangerous circumstances, and cheer for them when rescued. The uninterrupted time with mom or dad, during storytelling, makes memories and lifelong impressions.

Read aloud The Bunny Side of Easter. This adventure of a rabbit willing to heroically sacrifice his life for an endangered angel is subtly about prayer, God’s omnipresence, His great love for us and, what Jesus did for us at Easter. The book's an allegory. It'll help you point children to the biggest hero of all – Jesus, who gave His life so we could be saved. 

In today's challenging and confusing society, this book motivates children to be heroes of faith, rising above earthly circumstances, choosing the right path in tough times.

The Bunny Side of Easter — becoming a hero and recognizing the greatest One of all.

Thank you Linda for your passion and purpose! And to readers, what's your unique way to help your children find Easter? Leave your ideas and comments below. 
Here's a tad more on Linda: 
Her first adult book, Broken Heart on Hold (2006), continues to help women in broken marriages. Linda’s writing has appeared in national publications, including Chicken Soup for the Beach Lover’s Soul, Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman and HomeLife. She has appeared as a guest on TV and radio talk shows across North America.

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