Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Right Idea, Wrong Question

In the grocery store one morning, I overheard a youngster continually droning, nagging, and complaining. Finally, his exasperated mom asked, "Do you want to be disciplined?"

What kid in his right mind would sit up and say, "Yes, please, put limits on me"? And why is the parent asking permission to do her job? She had the right idea - teaching her son socially controlled behavior - but asked the wrong question.

When you must adjust your child's behavior, just do it. There should be no warning, pleading, or asking, immediately confront and correct. Then move on.

How many times do we have the right idea, but sabotage or infuriate ourselves by asking the wrong question? Listen to yourself today; are you asking permission to discipline or do you just do it. What's your comment?
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