Monday, March 7, 2011

Successful Discipline

Last Spring, I spoke on discipline to parents at Baby Bonanza & Kids Expo in Columbus, Ohio. One thing I tried to impress on audiences was, "discipline isn't a 'me against you' fight but, one of teamwork." You are the teacher; your child is the learner.

When you confront inappropriate behaviors with this understanding, then you're on the right road to successful discipline!

To help you remember this definition, here are successful discipline tips:
Stay consistent - disasters arise when kids are given mixed messages
Be proactive - plan ahead how to constructively confront and correct a child's behavior
Balance rules with relationship - children need both
Adjust your method to age and development - what works on a 2 year old may not work on a 10 year old
Separate the doer from the deed - love the child, not the behavior.

Feel free to print out this list and stick it on your frig or filing cabinet as a reminder. And leave your comment. What's the one area of discipline you struggle with most?

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