Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Raise a Delinquent Kid

Probably 50 years ago, the Houston, TX Police Department distributed a pamphlet, Twelve Rules for Raising Delinquent Children. Although generations old, I want to share two of their rules because I think they still make good sense:

* When he picks up bad words, laugh at him. This will make him think he's cute. It will also encourage him to pick up "cuter phrases" that will blow off the top of your head later.

* Never give him any spiritual training. Wait until he is 21, and then let him "decide for himself."

Something to think about in your daily discipline! What's your comment? Do you agree, disagree, or . . .
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Carmen Corral said...

Did this pamphlet really come from HPD? How horrendous! Can you share more? How did you come across it?


Parenting Expert Brenda Nixon said...
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Parenting Expert Brenda Nixon said...

Yes it did and I got it years ago. So, to be fair, I might say it could be out of print now. I used to have a paper copy.
Thanks for reading my brief blog Carmen. I'll have more about this topic in coming days.