Thursday, December 22, 2011

How do you "teach" Christmas?

Since discipline is about teaching; I encourage you to "teach" your value of Christmas through your behavior and words. In today's blog I want to share ways parents and others teach kids about Christmas. Two weeks ago, I tweeted asking followers to share how they celebrate. Below are some of those wonderful replies;

Sara in Iowa wrote, "On Christmas morning, we enjoy our OWN little family, at home as we open our gifts together. When we feel like getting out of the house, we go over to Jim's Mother's house to do our gift exchange there.
Then later on Christmas day, all of Jim's family that is in town is always invited over to Jim's Mom's to just hang out. We usually wind up going out to the sledding hill and everyone gets to have fun--young and old. (I usually am the one taking the pictures.) And we hang around with Jim's family all day until we are ready to go home and crash.
And somewhere among the weeks leading up to Christmas, we always try to get out to the famous local Kirsten's Christmas lights (just north of Vinton). Payton (our son) really enjoys that."

Terry, grandma to a 5-year-old tweeted, "Our family gets together at 3:00 at my sisters to celebrate Christmas Eve. She will supply a ham and the rest of us all bring a dish to share. We sing the 12 Days of Christmas together as a family (with Mitch Miller) in the background to keep us in tune. There are many cookies, candlelight and laughs. This year we will celebrate the birth of a new baby boy who will be 1 week old on Christmas- Caleb. After the celebration my husband and I go to Midnight Mass and than turn in to wait for Christmas Day and celebrate Christ's birthday."

Lois, a VA follower replied, "One of my favorite ways we celebrate Christmas is by using an Advent Calendar. Each homemade felt ornament goes along with scripture verses - all telling the story of Christmas. My favorite ornament is a Jack-in-the-box, depicting the rapture of Jesus Christ. When our children were home, we put a piece of candy in each pocket for the five of us."

Ann of NY shared, "We celebrate Christmas by having the kids put together the tree, and Mom puts on the lights. On Christmas Day, we all wait until everyone is awake, and we all go downstairs to open presents at the same time. We eat Orange Danish with Grandma for breakfast, and then spend the rest of the day visiting with family. I hope that you have a blessed Christmas."

I echo Ann, by hoping each of you has a blessed Christmas ~ there's always something to celebrate.

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