Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy New Year

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Now, what's your New Year discipline resolution?

Not screaming.

More patience.

Set boundaries . . . and keep 'em!

Teach self-controlled behaviors.

Get my kid toilet trained.

Make 'em listen to me.

Show that I love them even if they think I'm mean.

Move my teen out of the house.

Does one of the above fit your discipline goal for the new year or do you have your own?

When I was a new mom, one of my parenting goals was to practice discipline with an instructive attitude. I didn't adopt the attitude that my kids were in a me-against-you war. Rather I tried to maintain the attitude that they needed my help to know right from wrong, how to gain satisfaction in appropriate ways, and how to succeed in life through appropriate talk and behavior.

Have you thought about your goal in discipline? I'd love to hear it. Leave your comment below and tell me what you'll strive for in the coming year.

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