Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Minds are Always Learning

We often think about children learning and how far they have to go but, every day we, adults, are learning too! Oh, we may not think that's true but consider if you've recently learned
  • a class starts on time 
  • about a medical condition
  • a friend's new email or cell phone number
  • who just got engaged
  • who is having a baby
  • what time that road construction starts
  • a great savings at a store
  • the price of your car repairs
  • a new hobby or sport
  • your favorite Bible verse or book author
Yep, go through this week aware of the truism that you're learning . . . you'll discover your brain is always absorbing! Parents and childcare providers are always learning too, and often they're open to formal classroom education. Most parents I know want to be informed, empowered, and better at their most valuable job - childrearing. Teachers who are licensed, certified, or just want to be the best at their job like to take classes.

Here in Ohio, the Knox County Career Center invited me to teach three one-night classes for early childhood parents and teachers (teachers earn 2-CEU hrs for each class). If you're in Ohio and want to join others in learning then call 740-393-2933 to register. Here are the exciting, timely topics:
  • "Finally, No More Diapers!" on toilet teaching, Monday, August 20, 6:30 pm.
  • Ages & Stages in Preschool Development, Monday, October 8, 6:30 pm.
  • "Mommy, Don't Go!" on separation anxiety, Monday, November 12, 6:30 pm.
I've also been asked to teach a Parenting course this semester at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Here are upper-division students (mostly Jr's & Sr's) getting a head-start on the evolution of and enormous, exhausting task of parenting. Wouldn't it be terrific if every university offered this course? As its professor, I'm learning as I read/prepare, review notes, meet students, and immerse myself in campus life and policies.

Every week, I encourage you to be aware of your great mind and how its always learning. In fact, I challenge you to make purposeful efforts to learn. The greatest wisdom book of all time, the Bible, even says, "Study to show thyself approved" (II Tim.) or make a concerted effort to learn. Now what'd you learn in this post? Haha, feel free to leave your comment below because I love to learn about my readers . . . or if I have any.

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