Friday, September 21, 2012

Look Whose Talking Now...

Parents make great talkers and lousy listeners. I heard that line years ago and must admit it's true with me. As a mom it's easy to interrupt my daughters and answer questions, comment, guide, advise, and "mom" them. I've learned that
sometimes they just want me to hear them.
Want stronger family bonds? One way to create and nurture a close relationship is by working on the art of conversation. In our technologically-rich world, communication is electronic and impersonal; direct-time talking is down. Looking at our kids when they talk to us is one step in creating an atmosphere of sharing and trust. Listening (really, with our ears and heart) to them as they talk, give information, or tell us about their feelings is a second step in creating the atmosphere. Lingering a moment before answering - or talking back - is a third step. Too many parents rush to answer their child or to make their point known. The art of conversation is an equal exchange; it takes conscious effort and time.
I've learned that when I allow my kids to talk and I don't interrupt, I get more information about them or a situation. Hope you stop to look, listen, and linger with your kids today. Happy parenting!

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