Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parents Are Teachers

Thought I'd share one of my stories published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.
It was a crisp autumn night in a crowded school auditorium, and I was scheduled to speak to an audience of preschool parents on the topic of discipline. Prior to the start of the evening’s event, the program planner and I were talking privately.

“We have a large group here tonight,” she observed with a sparkle in her eye.

“It’s gratifying to see so many parents wanting to learn about effective discipline,” I replied.

“I hope we get to hear everything you have to say,” she whispered. ”Sometimes they start asking too many questions and the get the speaker off track.”

“Let’s ask everyone to hold their questions until the end of the program,” I suggested.

“OK that’s a plan,” she agreed.

Soon she stood at the podium to introduce me. Politely she announced, "We have so much material
to cover tonight, I want to make sure Brenda has a chance to share it. So please hold all of your questions until the end of her presentation.”

She stepped aside and signaled for me to take the floor. I stood at the podium and opened my mouth to begin. Instantly, one father waved his hand to indicate a question. Ignoring his gesture, I shared my first point. After some awkward moments of me speaking over his relentless motioning, his wife yanked down his hand. I ended my talk on children and discipline that evening then opened the floor with, “Does anyone have questions?”

Immediately, the same dad raised his hand. Looking at him in acknowledgment I asked, “What is your challenge?”

He answered, “My son never listens to the rules!”  

(think about it)

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