Thursday, August 8, 2013

You can be a mom around the world

My pal and fellow author/speaker Jill Savage, Hearts at Home founder, is in Tanzania, Africa this month. Her mission? With three other Hearts at Home leaders, she'll serve with Compassion, International to visit several Compassion Centers and a Mother-Baby Survival Center, and speak twice on her journey.

She'll have a priceless opportunity to meet the young lady her Hearts at Home staff have sponsored for the past 7 years, and distribute four suitcases full of donated goods for the Mother-Baby Survival Center.

Wow! What a rare privilege to mother the motherless. You can keep up with Jill and her colleagues throughout the trip by visiting her blog now through August 17, 2013.

She and her team will also use Instagram: @jillybean64 and @heartsathome.

They hope to introduce moms there to how women "mom" on our side of the world, and to show us what poverty really looks like and means! YOU can make a difference in the life of a child in poverty right here child sponsorship.

YOU influence moms in your circles; either through play groups, co-ops, blogs, work, and houses of worship. How about going along with Jill Savage via her blog and influence your circles to do the same!

"We'd love to see 100 kids sponsored over the next week through this trip!" writes Jill.

Already a Compassion sponsor? Want to blog about your experience and link to her trip posts this week? Jill welcomes collaboration!

If you read my Beyond Buggies and Bonnets blog, you know I "mom" guys and gals who leave the Amish. My rich experiences loving and helping them is beyond a price. Now YOU can enjoy being "mom" to others by joining Jill in her child sponsorship mission.

Happy parenting!

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