Saturday, June 1, 2013

Father Facts: dads make a difference

You'll probably be your daughter’s first love and your son’s role model. Your daily interaction with your kids improves - research says - their physical health, IQ, independence, school success, and future relationships.
Evidence suggests that infants are able to make use of a father’s unique contribution to their growth and development. Men tend to encourage more exploration, risk taking, and assertiveness in children. The Mom versus Dad parenting differences also appear to be of great interest and benefit to children by creating a balance in their life. 
I encourage dads to step forward and make lasting impressions on their children by:
* Supporting, protecting, and assisting the mother/child relationship. Research suggests that the bond with your child is not likely to be threatened by a strong maternal attachment.
* Eating family meals at least three times a week. Children have a yearning to be with their daddy so your presence is needed more than your presents.
* Being consistent in discipline; the same reaction for misbehavior, same rules, etc.
* Giving frequent hugs. Physical affection is critical because as children mature, dads tend to touch them less.
* Offering verbal encouragement. Remember dads, your words are often prophetic. Is your child a good helper, kind, fun to be with, curious, or lazy, mean, boring, and nosey? Your words make the decide.
* Boosting your knowledge and confidence by listenting to the podcasts at The Parent's Plate radio show.
Happy Father's Day.

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