Sunday, December 1, 2013

Successful Discipline

Years ago I spoke on discipline to parents who attended a Baby Bonanza & Kid Expo in Columbus, Ohio. One of the things I tried to impress on audiences was, "discipline isn't a 'me against you' approach but, one of instruction."

You are the teacher; your child is the learner. When you confront inappropriate behaviors with this definition, then you're on the right road to successful discipline!
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To help you remember this definition, below is a list of successful discipline tips:

  • Stay consistent - disasters arise when kids are given mixed messages
  • Be proactive - plan ahead how to constructively confront and correct a child's behavior
  • Balance rules with relationship - children need both
  • Adjust your method to age and development - what works on a 2 year old may not work on a 10 year old

Separate the doer from the deed - love the child, not the behavior

Feel welcome to print out this list and stick it on your frig or filing cabinet as a reminder.

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