Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes! You Can Say "No"

"I don't want to always say 'No,'" is a common concern parents share with me. Good! Glad they don't want to create a negative environment that stifles their child. However, there are many times when a firm and absolute "No" is appropriate and necessary. Think about those times when you must say "No" to
  • benefit your child
  • protect his safety
  • save a situation
  • demonstrate your maturity and authority.
Here are some of those occasions, through the years, when I've said "No" to my daughters. When,
  • I didn't know who (if anyone) was chaperoning a party they wanted to attend.
  • A TV program or theater movie was above their understanding, too violent, or too sexually oriented.
  • They needed to stay home for down-time.
  • It was not a safe time of day (or night) to be out.
  • Doing something they wanted to do was against our family values or standards.
It's okay to give kids freedom to grow and experience life but, never at the cost of compromise to your values and their safety (either physical, mental, spiritual, or social), or to go along with other parents. Don't cheat your child out of having a wise, responsible parent by always saying, "Yes" and failing to set rules, boundaries and limitations. If you're struggling with saying "No" to kids read this article

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