Sunday, September 18, 2011

Put 'Em to Bed!

Parenting isn't always convenient. There are times when we must do what is right and healthy for our children regardless of our own wishes.

Paula and Mike discovered this one night at a friend's house when their exhausted son, Jordan, threw a major fit. Pleading with her young son, Paula said, "Stop yelling and calm down Jordan." But he continued his ugly behavior. Embarrassed, Paula again tried to soothe Jordan, but he fell on the floor, kicked his legs and screamed louder. Other guests watched in frozen horror as Jordan lost control.

Finally Mike intervened with, "Jordan, you are tired. We need to go home." And that's what they did. Paula and Mike left their games, refreshments, and friends and headed for the door with a red-faced Jordan.

Did you know a tired child is less likely to mind? Skillful discipline is giving kids what they need. . .regardless of what you want.

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