Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cabin Fever?

This time of year when gray skies and cold temps keep most kids indoors, cabin fever sets in. The fever causes misbehavior because kids are antsy, bored, whiny and easily upset. You might see more sibling rivalry or tattling. If you're feeling the walls closing in on your family and misbehavior mounting, try this therapeutic activity: Enjoy an indoor picnic.

Picnics elicit fond outdoor memories. Talk to your kids about picnics they remember. Who was there? Where was the picnic? What'd they eat? Share your childhood memories of picnics, too!

Hold your picnic today, at an indoor "beach" and wear summer clothes. Use a basket and beach blanket. Sit on the blanket in your living- or family room; munch on picnic-type foods. Talk about birds and nature. Read books or sing songs together; if you have a young tot, sing the Teddy-bear picnic song.

Spending uninterrupted time with kids can help ease their stress and you'll see better behavior. Plus you'll fortify physical skills like eye-hand coordination; cognitive skills through problem solving; language skills by talking, and social/emotional skills through the art of pretend -- this is good discipline.

Remember "bad" behavior can be avoided or improved through productive play.

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