Monday, January 2, 2012

Disciplining Other Kids

How many times do you wish you could say something to a misbehaving child in your home, at the store, doctor's office, or in the mall?

It's difficult to meet the challenge because (1) the parent may get angry with you or (2) the disrespectful child may holler back, "I don't have to mind you."

People repeat that adage, "It takes a village to raise a child" but a rare few want to take on the responsibility of correcting inappropriate behavior of other people's kids.

Personally, I think there are times when other adults must get involved. Especially when a child is acting inappropriate and the parent doesn't have a clue or is absent. It could be a safety issue.

I've been the parent whose kid was acting up (yes!) but I didn't know. Then when a parent came to me with an explanation and told me why they corrected my kid, I thanked them. My eyes cannot be everywhere. So what do YOU think? Get involved or not? Leave your comment and let's start a lively discussion.

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Arlen's Living Water Springs said...

Recently my family and I were at the Olive Garden and I went to the rest room. Two boys, likely brothers, who were about 4-5 years old came in and were running around the rest room and then one went into a stall and the other wanted to get in and there proceeded a pushing match on each side of the door. I was afraid that one would get his hand or arm in the door to the point of perhaps even breaking it. I felt compelled to intervene. All this occurred within less than about one minute. Then the dad came in and I explained my concern. Thankfully, he did not seem upset at my intervention.