Monday, June 27, 2011

Successful Parenting

One of my favorite parenting writers/speakers is Dr. Sal Severe. He’s doled out advice on Oprah (before Dr. Phil) and other noted media outlets.

Prior to my book's release, Sal published his book I still love and recommend How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too! (Viking, $23.95). The title alone is something many educators would like to teach parents today.

One of the jewels in the book is a chapter on how successful parents behave. Listed are three promises every parent needs to make to become more successful:

1) Promise to have courage to be open and accept new ideas. If what you’re doing is working, says the author, stick with it. If not, have the courage to try something new.

2) Promise to have patience – plenty of patience. Your twelve-year-old kid has had twelve years to develop his behavior patterns. Give him time to change.

3) Promise to practice. The author says, “If you are willing to read about new ideas but not to practice them, give this book to someone else and buy a magic wand.”

Good parenting skills take time and practice. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you’ve shown me you’re open and accept new ideas. Patience and practice are your daily discipline assignments this week.

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