Sunday, October 9, 2011

The American Dream?

Today our pastor gave a terrific sermon about parenting. Part of it included an interesting challenge about God's Dream vs. the American Dream for your child. I want to adapt some of what he said.
Often in our parenting we think - or dream - about what our kids will become in life. Some parents are guilty of pushing their child to follow a particular profession. Some parents live vicariously through their child and push him/her into a certain career. Some dream the American dream of their child doing better, having more, and living higher than the parent. However, I think wise parents don't entertain the American dream but focus on character qualities - who our children become rather than what they do. Why? Because it teaches our kids that we love them whatever they choose to study or become.
So what are the inner qualities that can make your child successful regardless of the American dream career? How about these: determination, honesty, responsibility, self-control, thoughtfulness. |
Determination will keep your child motivated even in the face of difficulties or interruptions. Honesty will make your child one with integrity who others trust (plus able to live with his/her conscience). Responsibility will help your child behave the "right" way even when you (or school officials, police, the job's boss) aren't around to supervise & properly response-abled to life situations. Self-control will keep your child on task (like school work or a job) and a healthy role model to your grandchildren. Thoughtfulness will make your child think of others first to create a better world.
I remember my sister-in-law once told me, "I just want my kids to be good and kind." She entertained no aspirations for what they did in future careers because that wasn't as important to her as what her kids were. Guess what? Her first became a school teacher, her second is a CPA, and her third is a special education tutor. And each is polite and pleasant to be around!

Just think, as a parent, YOU have the ability to model character qualities so your child will learn them too. And that is good discipline!

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