Saturday, October 1, 2011

Effective Discipline

Want to be effective in your discipline? Need help getting your point across? Want to regain control? From my friends at the Child Welfare League of America, here's a list of the what's needed for effective discipline. Many of these I have addressed in my weekly Discipline Tip you receive. I challenge you to print out this list and put it on your bathroom or bedroom mirror, in the kitchen and in the car. Effective discipline requires:
  1. Patience;
  2. Determination;
  3. Confidence;
  4. Genuineness and concern;
  5. Openness;
  6. Separateness;
  7. Friendly firmness;
  8. An understanding of development & the factors that affect development;
  9. Thorough communication; and
  10. An understanding of the goal of discipline.
In daily discipline -- consider these skills and qualities. Do you have what it takes to be an effective disciplinarian?

1 comment:

Jean Tracy, MSS said...

This is a super list, Brenda. They're all important. Putting Patience at the head of the list makes good sense.

I like the kind and firm philosophy and with patience I can step back and ask myself, "How can I be kind and firm in this instance.

I'm following you, Brenda. You're a star!

Jean Tracy, MSS